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Theme Translation

Author : evolle Created : 2016 May 16 Last Update : 2017 November 25

themename comes translation-ready with .pot file ready for translation. These files are located in the /languages folder of the main theme folder. Once you have translated the files, simply save them with the name of your language code (i.e. es_ES.po and for Spanish) and place them back in the /languages folder.

If you want to translate themenameinto your language, you can download themename.pot file from languages folder of your theme directory and translate it with a program such as Poedit. Then rename it to your language code (such as de_DE.po/ or fr_FR.po/ or …) and upload it in your theme languages directory.Then simply change the language of your wordpress by changing WPLANG parameter in your wp-config.php file (This file is in your website root directory).

For example if you have translated your theme in Spanish and you want to change the language of your website to Spanish, update this line in wp-config.php as below:

define('WPLANG', 'es_ES');

 Poedit Download